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ネオワークギア ワークウェア
ネオワークギア アウトドア

The origin of Neo WORK GEAR

We are in consulting for new product development.

1987 Established Chichi Plan Co., Ltd.

Entered the work market in the late 1990s.

Launched NeoWORK GEAR in 2002

We plan, develop, manufacture and sell products in-house.


As a representative product of Neo WORK GEAR

There is a product group using neoprene.

For waterproofing, heat insulation, and heat retention developed by DuPont

Neoprene with excellent qualities

Widely known as a material for wetsuits.

Work by diverting this to gloves, socks, etc.

Develop the market. Then fishing, biking, camping

Also available for outdoor use such as sports.

It continues to be supported as a product with added value.


Neo WORK GEAR is in the work scene

We have been leading the evolution of products.

With its new ideas and realization power, functionality, comfort, and design

And products with excellent cost performance

We will continue to make proposals.


ネオワークギア ネオプレーン 説明

What is neoprene?

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber

Developed by DuPont, a major American general chemical company.

Contains a lot of closed cells inside the rubber
A material with excellent heat insulation, heat retention, waterproofness, and elasticity.

Elastic materials are used in various products such as wet suits by changing the thickness and processing.

Neoprene and chloroprene are now almost synonymous.

ネオプレーン 縫製
ネオプレーン 製造工程

High quality neoprene rubber adopted

Neoprene gear uses 100% high quality neoprene.

It has excellent elasticity and heat retention.

Neoprene has bubble size, uniformity, raw materials, vulcanization method, etc.

Quality is greatly affected by manufacturing conditions.

We provide good products at low cost through our own route.

ネオプレーン手袋 完全防水

Completely waterproof with advanced sewing technology

Neowork gear gloves are completely waterproof.

Uses a unique rake stitching method and a special adhesive

A finish that does not allow water to seep through the seams.

It looks beautiful.

Also, glue and seams hit your fingers

It doesn't hurt either.

ネオプレーン 商標ロゴ

DuPont has dropped the 25th class trademark

Neoprene and NEOPRENE trademarks

Owned by Neowork Gear.

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